Who We are

Shankul Chauhan(IIT Madras) and Pushkar Pandey(FMS Delhi) had been together for last 5 years building solid company in Logistics. Building on their expertise of utilities to build a cost effective and technology driven end to end logistics company, Very soon company will start EV delivery to reduce carbon foot print

Wheeley is the most simplified logistic partner for the E-commerce players for all kinds of deliveries to their customers in a swift, time-bound manner,through the help of our extensive networks of shippers. We offer solutions to combat the challenges of logistics prevalent in the E-commerce marketplace and help the industry efficiently utilize their resources. Wheeley is engaged in providing Manpower Services, Warehousing,Transportation, Last Mile Delivery & First Mile Pickups, B2B & B2C clients across various industries verticals.


Our Mission

We like to be a customer oriented, multi-technology, multispecialty and comprehensive logistics services that ensures complete end to end logistic solutions.

Our Vision

Wheeley aim to deliver you the best in town logistics services at your doorstep without any kind of hassles and at affordable rates meanwhile you will focus hundred percent on your core business.

Core Values

We aim to extend your reach in the last mile of every city which is challenging, Warehousing, Transportation, Last Mile Delivery & First Mile Pickups, B2B & B2C clients across various industries verticals.

Why Choose Us

E-commerce Fulfilment

E-commerce fulfillment can be done in-house or outsourced to a third-party fulfillment provider.

24 Hours Support

The company aims to make the delivery process faster, more efficient, and more convenient for its customers.

Mobile Shipment Tracking

This feature allows customers to conveniently monitor the progress of their deliveries in real-time, regardless of their location.


Hyperlocal refers to services, products or information that are specifically tailored to a very small, defined geographic area.

Time On Door Delivery

Time on door delivery refers to the specific time or time window during which a package or shipment is delivered to the recipient’s doorstep

Meet Our Team

Shankul Chauhan

Co-Founder and Director

Pushkar Pandey


Dharam Basista


Kaushal Basotia

FST Manager
We’re always looking for talented workers, creative directors and anyone has a passion for the logistic service join our team.